I thought I would send you guys some
pics of Tank (aka Saxton Vom Alfalar).
He was from the Guido and Tabu litter
a little over a year ago. He is such an
amazing dog, rediculosly loyal, and so
sweet. He still thinks he is the 13.5 lbs
puppy when we first brought him home
but now just in a 100 lb frame. Enjoy.

Kyle and Holly Payne
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HI, Laura.  Hope all is well.  This is and
Raiden are 2 years old today!  We had
a little birthday celebration at the HI,
Laura.  Hope all is well.  This is
pictures of them with you.
Ryoko Overmyer with Roman.  Roman
They are doing just fine and spoiled
like crazy!  Daniel and I still brings
Roman and Raiden to work/office, so
they still see each other every day
here at the office.  They are doing
great and loving life.

Hope all is well with you.  Thanks again
and hope you enjoy their pictures.  
Have a good night.

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Hello Laura and Frank;

  This is Derrick and Kat who got Jax
from you I hope you remember us its
been a long time we have talk to yoyo
but I have some bad news and I
thought you mite like to know we lost
Jax on 3-26 2014, he pass away in his
sleep on 3-26-2014 by my side. And I
thank you so very much for sell us Jax
and we will miss him very much and he
was one of the best dog I ever had and
I can’t tell you and Frank how much jax
meant to us and how mush he was
love and how Jax was love us so very
much. I not sure how to tell you how
much we thank you for having Jax in
our life but he was a big part of our live
and he when every were with us.

I just wanted to thank you and Frank
for everything. We absolutely adore
well with our family. She has had very
few accidents and is socializing well
with the kids and my other 3 dogs. Im
just amazed how eager she is to learn
commands, not to mention, she is
probably the most affectionate dog I
have ever raised. We decided to name
her “ Thats Tabu Vom Alfalar” so
unless you have any objection, I’m
plan to submit the paperwork
tomorrow. If so let me know otherwise. I’
ll call you if we have any major
questions or issues and I’ll defiantly
reach out in the months to come when
its time for some training.

Thanks again, you guys have changed
our lives!

We want
to get another puppy from you.  I see
that Inga & Trooper have passed
also.  What cross would you
recommend that would possibly have
same temperment that Hanna had?  I
know you can never replace them.
She was just an awesome dog and we
miss her so much.  I can't tell you
how human she was, always there for
me.  I am sure you understand.      
Take care,

Terri Blum
We bought Hedo from you the end of
March..we don't have any stoves LOL
...but Hedo n/k/a Baloo is doing great
and growing fast.  He is my boy and
comes to work with me every day and
is very well mannered.  Everyone
spoils him rotten even the UPS man
who brings him a treat every day :-)

He went to the baseball field with me
on Monday to watch the boys
practice..he was so well behaved even
though I know he just wanted to run
out on the field and play with the boys.

Can't express enough how much we
love Zada !!! She is definitely a Rott
through and through. She is a big
clown and just so sweet and loveable.
We are taking her in the pool and she
loves it.I take her out in and she swims
back to the steps. She wants to take
off on her own but doesn't quite dare.
She will step off the second step and
her front end goes under 'cause she
doesn't go with her back feet, but it
doesn't scare her at all. Really loves
squeak toys and balls and her new
brother Red. He's 6 now so she wants
to play more than he does they chase
each other all over when they get
going. She thinks like person and is
quite a con artist. Really good with
other people. Had a big group around
on the 4th and 5mo. old twins and she
was a sweetheart. She has really
settled in and is secure and happy as
are we. We'll keep in touch and send
pics and let you know how Zada is
doing.  Sincerely John and Ruth

I thought you might enjoy seeing a
picture of Chloe. She is an energetic
1.5 year old. She loves the dog park
and playing with other dogs. She is
very friendly to people, yet is quite a
good guard dog. She has all the
perfect traits of a Rottweiler. Click on
the attachment for a bigger picture.


Hey Laura, just wanted to give you an
update!  He is doing GREAT!!!!  When
I'm home he's out of the crate and has
not had one accident.  We crate him
when we go to bed and he never
makes a peep!  I can't thank you
enough for such a wonderful dog!  I
feel very lucky to have him especially
since he's related to Cain.  I've been
working with him alot and he's such a
good listener!  Also, didn't take the
cats long at all to warm up to him.  I did
change his name to Zaiden (which
means strong in strength) because I
said if I ever got another one again
that would be it!  It worked out great
because it sounds so close to Zappa
he took to it right away.  I would have
never changed it if it wasn't even close
because I wouldn't have wanted to
confuse him so it's cool he knows it!

Here are a few pictures of Isaac at one
year old. He weighs about 95lbs.  He is
turning out to be a great dog.  He
loves to swim in the pool and he is
fabulous with TJ who is almost 5 now.  
We maybe interested in one more
puppy sometime on the next 6
months.  I will certainly let you know.

I hope all is well with you and thank

Darline Karbowski
Marley is doing great.  She eats well
and is very playful.  She loves my cat,
who is tolerating her much better than
Angel is.  She doesn’t know what to do
with Marley’s energy.  Marley is
learning her routine quickly.  She
knows where to go for food and water,
and has been going to the bathroom
outside most of the time.  She also
slept until 5 this morning which was
great.  We adore her! She has six
children loving her and a couple of
grown ups as well.  Thanks so much!

Here are a few pictures of Isaac at one
year old. He weighs about 95lbs.  He is
turning out to be a great dog.  He
loves to swim in the pool and he is
fabulous with TJ who is almost 5 now.  
We maybe interested in one more
puppy sometime on the next 6
months.  I will certainly let you know.

I hope all is well with you and thank

Darline Karbowski
much potty trained now and her and
Viper love runnin around together in
the yard. We had to watch him at first
though. For some reason everytime
she would pee he had to mark that
same spot but he wasn't even waiting
for her to move out of the way. I was
having to bathe her after every time I
took them outside. Fortunately he quit
that after we hollered at him a few
times. She is a little terror too! I was
sleeping the other night and she was
on the bed with me and she somehow
got the cord that hangs from our
ceiling fan in her mouth and she was
turning the bedroom light on while I
was trying to sleep. Thanks again
though, they are both incredible dogs.
~Katie and Boyd~