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Germany. In ancient times, the Romans, moving over the alps toward the town of Trier in
Germany brought dogs to work the cattle herds brought along to feed the army. By the
the Romans, which would care for stock, pull a cart and guard the master against
delivered the meat to customers, the rottweiler was often called "the Butcher's Dog."
This was a breed which originated with the poor man of the medieval times who needed
more about the Rottweiler, if the breed is right for you and where to locate a breeder
look in
"The Basic Guide to the Rottweiler."

The Rottweiler is believed to be a descendant of the drover dogs of ancient Rome.  As
the Roman Legions advanced into Central Europe they were accompanied by herds of
sheep and cattle.  During this time period for an army to move it had to bring it's own
food and supplies.  Butchers, wheel-wrights, blacksmiths, carpenters, many people of
every trade and skill were necessary to equip and maintain this city on the move.  The
mastiff-type drover dogs served as escorts to the herds and guardians of the camp.  

One of the Legion's campsites was on the banks of the Neckar River at a place which
became known as Rottweil.  The encampment at Rottweil lasted a particularly long time.  
In fact, the village derived it's name from the red tile roofs that were built by the

As a legacy of their presence, the Roman Legions left their impact not only on the name
of the village, but established a cattle industry in the area - as well as the drover dogs to
accompany these herds.
Throughout the mid-1800's the cattle trading market flourished in Rottweil.  The
Rottweiler Metzgerhund (butcher dog) had the capabilities to drive the cattle to market
and to guard their owner (and his purse) on his way home.  Between the growth of
villages into cities and the development of railway systems - the massive cattle drives to
city markets ceased to exist.  The Rottweiler (as he became known) suffered a major
decline in popularity.

Early in the 1900's this breed (rottweiler) experienced a rebirth of popularity, when
Rottweilers were found to be more than adequate as police dogs and family guardians.  
In 1931 Rottweiler were admitted to the AKC Stud Book, and gained full recognition by
the AKC in 1935.