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german rottweiler puppies for sale in florida german rottweiler puppies for sale in florida rottweiler puppies for sale in florida
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    We are professional breeders established in 1983 in Tampa Fl. of German rottweiler puppies/dogs with excellent pedigrees for
    reproducing a high quality and healthy rottweiler puppy .We have a private kennel in Tampa,Florida. Only Rottweiler's that qualify as
    correct to the breed with passing hip ratings and sound temperaments are used for producing puppies . All of our German rottweiler
    puppies are born and raised with love in our family home.  Here they are constantly observed, handled and socialized in a family
    setting.  This is also where we begin imprinting for manners, housebreaking, obedience , and socializing . We strongly believe in
    LOVE YOUR DOG - Crate training,  Socializing,  and Obedience for all dogs.  Pups will have record of vaccine, worming, diet , health
    certificate from veterinarian, copies of parents and ancestors OFA (orthopedic) records(all free of dysplasia )  pedigrees  etc.

                                                                          FRANK ALFANO and LAURA ALFANO                                   
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german rottweiler puppies for sale florida
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